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Services, what do we do?

There are not too many times that we decline a invitation for assitance or quotation. We also, at times, have been commissioned to aid in methodologies and preliminary budgets for difficult works and projects supported with 3D modelling for ease of understanding.

But our core business services are -

Heavy steel processing and fabrication ranging from 3mm to 200mm in thickness, including pressure vessels, larger structures, equipment components, pipe work - small and large, marine barges, piles, tidal gates, to name just a few. Additional to fabrication our other core services is our large machining capability where we have recently invested heavily. Whether you require machining of multiples or single items up to 15 tons, our  Machine Shop Department will be able to assist. Surface treatment including abrasive blasting and painting to your required specification can also be done in house and indoors. We have access to local hot dip galvinising and powder coating if required.

Site works - we are currently active on site in several locations including large pipeline installation contracts, mining structural repairs and onsite surface treament utilising our recently purchased ultra high pressure water blaster (35,000 psi) and our own scaffolding continuing our full service provisions. Supplying a crew with project management and supervision of 30+ men for local shutdowns for local rotating cement kilns and ore ball mill repairs are also repeated annually.